Whether you are just starting your business or need some updated content to keep up with your changing business, this is a great package for those that are looking for a quick turnaround of content and current offerings on a budget. 

Want some photos of your offerings? Behind the scenes shots? Interior design? Headshots of the staff or team? You got it all. Clients like restaurants, boutiques, event companies, real estate, and even entrepreneurs that need a few photos or even one-time projects, I want my services to be accessible to all! 

*On-site options currently: Austin, San Antonio, Seattle.* Contact me if you want me to come to you that's not somewhere on the list! You can also check out my current travel dates here.

Per hour or by project.


On-site Photography
48 Hour Turnaround
Social Media Recommendations


Small businesses, restaurants, stores, real estate, and artists


Package No. 1: Small Business Starter

Every brand knows we buy with our eyes. That's why having spectacular photography to showcase your product is of the utmost importance in today's visual communications.

Strong imagery, styled photography, and on-brand content is my focus for your brand. These customized shoots help bring your vision to life while appealing to your customers and reeling them in with drool-worthy professional photos. 

My clients span a variety of food startups, CPG brands, and established companies that utilize my recipe development and photography services that have shown proven increase in brand awareness, purchases, and following. 

Per hour or photo.


Professional Photography
Recipe Development
Social Media Curated Content


CPG brands, food and beverage companies


Package No. 2 : The Food Fanatic

Whether your work is in fashion, food, fitness, sustainable living, etc. I know how hard it can be to create gorgeous content unless you have someone else to shoot your content. Photos are one of the most important parts of your business and well-crafted, original imagery is what will take your social media, marketing, and personal brand above the rest.

I love shooting all styles and want to help others be free to do what they do best, create. Investing in high-quality photos is investing in your brand  so you can get bigger deals, build your blog, and elevate your content story.  

Per session or by bundles 



Bloggers, individuals, content creators, models


Package No. 3: Content For Creatives

Unique or Themed Shoots
Unlimited Outfit Changes
Various Locations

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