The holidays are in full swing and nothing says a winter welcome than with food. Need some winter food and drink inspiration? Here’s what’s at the top of my list this month.

Winter Charcturie Board

Credit: Fed & Full

Okay, you’re probably thinking “I’m over charcuterie boards”. Well, I’m not. And this time of year, our boards turn into a winter edition. Think dark winter fruits like citrus, herb accents like rosemary and time, and dried seasonal items like cranberries, toasted nuts, and more robust cheeses for a hearty winter charcuterie board.

Salted Honey Butter Rolls

Credit: Half Baked Harvest

There’s just something about a perfectly buttered soft roll to slather, dip, sandwich, or devour alone. But a good roll is nothing if not paired with an equally good butter and this sweet salty pairing featuring salted honey has my name all over it.

Chai Shortbread Cookies

Credit: Cooking Therapy

If you can’t tell, we are on a butter theme and I’m not mad about it. Shortbread is the perfect treat to add in a cookie gift box or to serve after a large holiday dinner. Adding in chai spices adds a level of flavor and elevation to a standard crumbly cookie.

Campfire Cocktail

Credit: Freckle & Fair

While I’m not a huge drinker, something about warming yourself from the inside out is something that many look forward to this time of year. This drink highlights a toasted marshmallow with fiery whiskey for the perfect warming combo.

Mushroom Crab Pasta

Credit: Freut Cake

Heavy stews, meats, and sausages typically get a lot of paparazzi during the cold weather but crab is another seasonal protein just a special and ready to be highlighted in winter dishes. Take a homemade pappardelle and toss it with seasonal mushrooms and crab in a light creamy sauce to keep you warm on cold nights.

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