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I’ve always liked being early. I was that kid that starting working on the homework while the teacher was still handing it out. My thinking: start now and you’ll be that much further ahead, get the hard stuff out of the way, then you can celebrate worry-free later, right?

Left in the mini wake of Thanksgiving thankfulness and preparing for the tidal wave of December holiday chaos only means New Year’s Resolutions and the annual stroke of midnight when everyone is forever changed (at least until the end of January) is right around the corner. The past few months, my life has been somewhat of a rollercoaster and now on day seven of being bedridden, this is probably the strongest sign from God that I need to take a break. More than a physical break, but an emotional break, a mental break, a ‘take care of my whole-being’ break. A reset of sorts, or in other words; a resolution. A resolution to take care of myself better, so that I can take care of others better. You can’t exhale without inhaling. I’m ready to get rid of some old to make room for some new, but why wait until the New Year for resolutions? Rather, I wanted to get a head start on what I’m calling my detox December; a time where I am committing to putting all aspects of my health and wellbeing at the forefront of my life. Some things I’m adding, some things I’m taking away, all meant for the purpose of learning from and listening to my body of how best to take care of myself during a full schedule.

My Detox December

  1. No social media (except for work-related purposes)
  2. Sleep more
  3. Stretch for 10 minutes every morning
  4. Drink more water
  5. Treat myself once a week to something relaxing i.e. massage, facial, sauna, etc.
  6. Read my bible more
  7. 30 day food cleanse
  8. Get creative- paint more, draw more, craft more
  9. Love deeply
  10. Act like a child- in faith, in honesty, in laughter, in stress

I’ve always liked a challenge. If I can follow this during the busiest month, doing it during the slowest or most relaxed month will be that much easier. Also if I write it here, I’m hoping to have you all hold me accountable. Feel free to join me if you’re feeling inspired! It can be one simple thing that you give up this month, like not reading your emails before 10 a.m. or meditating a little each day, whatever it is to help keep you healthy, happy, engaged, focused, energized and motivated this holiday season. Give yourself your own best gift by treating your head and heart with the care they deserve, don’t wait until January to make the changes you want to make, and of course, enjoy the holidays!

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