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Soleil is an award-winning creative, food and lifestyle photographer based in Austin, TX. 




For the majority of my life, fall has signified the beginning: a settling of schedules and school, the start of routines, a new but known start. Four months ago, having finished my final quarter, I was lying in bed silently freaking out of about what I was going to do, where I was going to be, and so forth for the other 300 quarters of my life. Fast forward, and I am still lying in bed —so I guess that part hasn’t changed— but a lot of other things have so here’s a little quarterly update.

I got a job! I started my first job as a server at Canlis in Queen Anne and I LOVE IT. For a brief overview, Canlis has been Seattle’s iconic fine-dining destination for 67 years, one of the best wine and top 25 restaurants in the nation. Given my somewhat recent interest in a career within the food/culinary/nutrition industry, I am taking advantage of this opportunity with full force and savoring every minute. The influx of information paired with long shifts was a lot to adjust to, but I am learning a vast amount about food, wine, and service at an exponential rate and I truly enjoy everyone I work with. Shoutout to my Canlis family!

I found a place to live! If anyone ever tells you apartment searching is fun, it’s all LIES. Not forgetting Seattle’s creeping rank on being one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S, after weeks of apartment/housing tours, I finally found a cute little townhouse to call home (aka ‘The Zest Nest’). Easy access to all the places important to me, I’d say the best part of living here is who I live with. At first, I was pretty set on finding a one-bedroom to get in touch with my introvertedness, but I am so glad God took the reigns and put me with the most amazing people to share laughter, adventures, and silly stories of figuring out adulthood with. Shoutout to Greta and Leigha!

I’m alive and well! * From a very young age, I have been extremely active and after my skating career, I have discovered different likes and dislikes for being physically active. Running, hiking, and yoga have all become big passions of mine, but now that I have become familiar with those, I thought I would try a new challenge; kickboxing! (It even sounds badass when I type it). It’s good to switch things up and have your body learn a new skill and I’m eager to work on something I know nothing about. If anything, maybe I’ll finally get some upper body strength. On the other side of health, my mental state has been exercised in so many ways I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve taken up more reading and journaling, though I am struggling to balance it with studying for work and other topics. New settings, new stimuli, new schedules, have taken a toll on me physically and mentally, but I’ve been slowly learning to listen to what my body and my mind is telling me, something I have put aside for the larger part of my life. Shoutout to me!

*subject to change

It’s funny how God works. The minute I graduated, I was set on getting the heck out of Seattle and never coming back, at least not for a long while. Then little by little, I was reminded of the pieces of my community, my home, and my self that I have made here over the last four years. And now, without the burden of school, I get to “slow down” and be the post-college, still-trying-to-figure-out-the-world-and-life young adult I have yet to be; eating away at my infinite Seattle restaurants list, crossing off PNW hikes, building relationships with new friends, going deeper with old friends, serving people better, and making my faith in the unknown and myself bigger than any fears I have and any that are yet to come.

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